Formulae desktop and mobile screens with gradient background

I embarked on an exciting journey with a solo project that was probably the first to keep me inspired for an extended period. It was a project that genuinely made my life abroad a little more convenient, and that's what made it so great. To kickstart development without getting caught up in building components and a style system from scratch, I opted for the Mantine framework. Its pre-built components and style system allowed me to dive right into development. Additionally, I decided to explore and experiment with Zustand for state management, as I was keen on trying something fresh.,

  • Next.js
  • Mantine
  • Zustand

Purpose & Goal

The goal of the project was originally to create a simple web app that would allow me to reuse conversion formulas without keeping them in mind and reaching for calculator every time. Then, I started adding more features to improve it and make it more useful and user-friendly.

Mockup of formula interface with actions menu open

The Challenge

One of the problems was that I was too excited about the idea and jumped into development right away without designing and thinking every little detail through. As a result, I am not entirely satisfied with the UX side of the app, but I didn't really have better ideas for improvement at the time, so I decided to leave it as it is and focus on other things.

Mockup of saved formulas with actions menu open

Problems & Solutions

A fundamental aspect of the project revolved around the concept of creating a formula tree, with the ability to have child formulas nested within parent formulas. This required careful consideration of the data structure to ensure efficient access to child formulas and prevent unnecessary re-rendering of related components. To address this challenge, I implemented a simple yet effective solution using hash maps, which provided O(1) (constant-time) access speed. This approach ensured swift retrieval of child formulas and optimized the overall performance of the app.

Mockup demonstrating app customisation settings

Other Work

  • V-Victoria website desktop and mobile screens with gradient background

    A hotel website for a local business, built from the ground up leveraging power of Nuxt.js, SCSS, and Pug. The fully responsive design ensures a seamless experience across all devices, while advanced optimization techniques guarantee fast loading times. This project allowed me to gain even more valuable experience in frontend development, user experience design, and project management, while successfully bringing the client's vision to life.

  • Ligva desktop and mobile screens with gradient background

    I had the opportunity to be part of an ambitious startup that was dedicated to revolutionizing the world of translations. Joining the team during the project's mid-development phase, my responsibilities encompassed various tasks, including the development of a chat module for smooth client communication, migrating the app to TailwindCSS, ensuring responsiveness across different devices, as well as crafting visually appealing landing pages and emails. Despite our collective efforts and the promising potential of the app, the challenges of funding and intense competition led to the closure of the project shortly after its release.

  • TTG Club tablet and mobile screens with gradient background

    A tabletop games companion app. As an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons, I joined the development of this project in my spare time. What once began as one person's endeavor has now grown into a collaborative effort with a team of passionate enthusiasts. Together, we are building a comprehensive companion for tabletop games, catering to a thriving community of players and visitors. It's a labor of love that combines my passion for D&D with my frontend expertise, and I'm excited to contribute to the growth and success of this project.